The Power of Your true Nature

The greatest power given to man,i.e you and I by God is our 'WILL'. 👑

The Encarta dictionary📖📖 defines 'WILL' as the" part of the mind with which an individual consciously decides  things." Or "the power to make decisions.


    🔉 The message today is a simple one, it focuses on how you and I have lost our way, being deceived and distracted by the wants and interest of this world. The world which we were meant to dominate and take charge of (Gen 1:28).


'OUR' true nature🎁


Most times, when we wake up in the morning or during the ongoings of the day, we wonder who we really are?, 

Are we just meant to work, reproduce and die?,

Are we meant eat, get served,work and die?,

Are we meant to go through all the spheres of education and die?,

Are we meant to go to church or the mosque, act like Christians or Muslims even when we know we aren't even close to our true maker,

Are we meant to give to the poor ,cause we think it would help us for our past or present transgressions.


      If you noticed, the major words were 'work' and 'die' in the following questions above.


Hence,...after everything thing, the things you were able to achieve, the change you were able to enact, the lives you were able to touch, the minds you were able to bless, the hearts you were able to minister to, the countries you touched with your songs and poems, drawings and books....... matter at the end.


Myles Munroe said " the wealthiest place on earth isn't the oil fields🎇of Iraq or Iran, is not the diamond mines✨ of South Africa,... it's the CEMETERY.

Why? Because here buried in the graveyard are 

-dreams that were not fulfilled 

-visions that never became reality

-poems that where never written 

-fillled with un-used power and potential...


No human was given birth to empty.🎽


Our 'WILL' 🔥🔥


The 'WILL' could also be regarded as our power ,might, things we could do.

God has given this ability because he made us a 'triune' being. 

Paul in his revelation disclosed the fact that man is a 'TRIUNE' being, consisting of a spirit, soul and a body, 1Tess 5:23.

The spirit is the real man, created in the image of God, your body is not you, your mind is not you, you possess the mind and body which you use. Your mind and your body are merely the instrument of your spirit which is the real YOU. 


I conclude by saying, MAN 👪👪👪I.e (you and I) are primarily a spirit being, created to walk with the Father-God on his level. We realize that when He created us, God had no body; yet our fellowship was complete and perfect with Him.

Sooo... this reveals that our body was subordinate to His spirit, and that His spirit was to Dominate.

Meaning that We were created not to act as a mass without entity on the face of the earth but to be a mass that causes change every were we go,.. 🌍🌎🌏


To justify how smart we were, God gave Adam all the animals on earth to name.🐜🐞🐉🐥🐢🐧🐛🐙🐠🐡🐑🐀🐼🐓🐹🐘🐻🐴🐒🐯🐺🐮🐗

Knowing that there were over 500,000 bugs, birds, worms, fishes, reptiles and so on that Adam named, we can come to the realization or understanding that we possess intellectual capacities that can enable us rule our nation👏👍.


The rest falls to you now,. Knowing you possess this ability, the only way possible to activate this abilities is to be close and draw near to the creator the giver of the embedded abilities,...

I know it's not an easy thing to dropping all and following God,.. it just takes grace also faith,. Believe that God could help in any situation.

As soon as you start to believe and obey Him,..  the POWER of your TRUE NATURE start to unveil....God bless you.#loverofGod.